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Six days after I returned from my Canadian adventure I had to pack up and head across the Atlantic Ocean to London for work for two weeks. This was an amazing oppertunity and I made the most of it adventuring around the city. Well on my way home I decided to keep the adventures rolling and stopped in Iceland for four days. I rented a car, booked a hotel and winged the rest. Iceland is an amazing place. Something out of this world. I landed at 5pm on a Saturday. Looks were deceiving as it was sunny out but only 2 degrees Celsius. I picked up the car and took my time towards Reykjavik. The skies were clear so I knew this was my night to try and catch the aurora borealis but I just had to kill time for it to get dark. I checked into my hotel and walked the downtown looking for something to eat. I stopped in Matwerk and opted for the most amazing lamb dish and a beer. After I finished I headed out into the darkness and Iceland did not disappoint.

The following day I made the big trek to Glacier Lagoon and of course I had to stop and everything amazing I saw on my way.

This ended up being a long day. But worth it in the end. I made it back to my hotel pretty late and instantly hit the pillow hard. The following day I decided to keep it semi close to Reykjavik and see the sights on the Golden Circle. Once again, Iceland did not disappoint. I finished the day at a pub with another delicious lamb meal. I then ventured over to a brand new brewery and had a long conversation with a Spanish fellow living in New York City.

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